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Improve your search engine ranking and also get traffic from the directory’s users.

We manually submit your website to 1000 proven, high traffic, free Web Directories.

Get more visitors, website links, exposure, and promote your business website. Submitting your site to web directories will improve your Google PR (page rank), improving search engine rankings, and will with time increase your traffic from google and other search engines, and you will also get traffic from the directory’s users.

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Tips on Using this Website Promotion Resource:

list the 10 most important keywords that people will use to find your website. Try and include as many as possible in the title (first 64 characters, max. 10-words), and include them twice (if possible) in the description, and 3-times in the keywords. You can check your sites meta-tags with this Meta-tag Checker - click here -

To instruct any spiders that run into your page to bypass it without indexing add a robots.txt file to the root directory of your web site, with a list of files that must be excluded from indexing. For example, if your robots.txt contains these lines: User-agent: * Disallow: /dont_index_me.html Disallow: /hidden_dir/ then no robot will scan the dont_index_me.html document, nor any document from the /hidden_dir/.

Put it in the same directory (public_html) as your other web files.

For more information on robots exclusion, < click-here >


Once your website is ready for submitting, go to the home page of each search engine (or directory) and search for your site to check if it is already listed.

Type your domain name into the search box and click search. If your site is listed, then on most it will show within the first results. Some search engines won't show a listing for domain search, even though your site may already be included. If no result on a domain name search, check once more by entering the title of your site, or similar keywords that will enable your site to be found.

If your site has been submitted within the past few weeks, it may be too early for it to be found on some search engines.

After 2-months, if it hasn't been included re-submit.

The first 20 search engines & directories on the list are NZ/Aust. and the remaining 55 are global.

Some search engines regularly shift their submit URL page in order to reduce traffic from auto-submission tools and software. You might find a couple of broken links to the URL submit page. On these occasions, click on the Home Page button and look for a link labeled: Add Site or Submit URL.

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